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Sometimes I use firejail…well a lot actually….and I usually just use it for a browser like this: firejail –private google-chrome or this firejail –private google-chrome –proxy-server=”socks5://localhost:8080″ But on a few occasions I want to be able to join ssh to the same sandbox instance…so I do this: firejail –list firejail –join=3452 (or whatever the session you want) Another thing I have ran into is I downloaded something but want to save it before I destroy my firejail (private) session…so I do this: firejail –get=5255 ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Cookies   You can see more examples and other documentation here: Basic Usage

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As an “Ethical Hacker” I find it necessary at times to perform port forwarding, for many reasons…  But I usually just use iptable rules to do that, and then there came firewallD…. FirewallD still uses iptables so my old rules still work, but I also wanted a way to perform port forwarding using the FirewallD process… it also makes my rules just fit in nicely with the rules that are on most Linux systems using firewallD.  Lets take for example a RedHat or CentOS system, say a ver7 or something, and I want to use it as a traffic proxy of sorts so when my reverse shell connects it looks like it is connecting to this server when in reality it is just using this iptables/firewallD port forwarding to send the traffic to my box.  We will call the location of my reverse shell the Client, we will call the […]