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So…I have been radio silent….mostly because of work. But I have been in search of a lot of WPA handshakes. You can get the picture of the process from previous posts. I will provide more details, and probably a good write up at some point. Hopefully it won’t be stolen and used as someone else’s work like one of my previous research projects……Cut throat industry I guess…LOL Anyway, as of right now I have 407 handshakes processed with my first pass on them, and about 135 of those are cracked. I have been using basically only specific wordlists that you can just get online, again, you will see a lot of those in previous posts….recap in the writeup I am sure. Observations…..well, people are bad with WPA passwords, part of the reason why is they actually share them with other people; at least more often than they would their email […]