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If you don’t know what this is….move along. ACTo get started I ran rockyou.txt list using my AllRules.rule just to crack a few and see what we are dealing with. This was the first:$5$4rm$XO0sNLIHhyJYLzKvGIXBTiK5F9LQI0G9iaWiFSlUv96:Dallas214Then there was an Okland and Phoenix one that was similar, a quick google search identified that the 3 digits on the end are area codes! Looks like we have a list of cities and area codes!Hash.Type……..: sha256crypt $5$, SHA256 (Unix)AKA: “-m 7400” Grabbed some lists of cities and area codes from here: – just downloaded – used cewl and copy/paste (cewl would lose city names with spaces in them) (didn’t really use yet) used cewl and copy/paste used cewl and copy/paste cewl and copy/paste just downloaded the csv file then formatted it for use Helpful notes:had to uppercase first letter of words, could use the hashcast “E” rule which does that but wanted to pre-process the […]