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Lance Grover

Proxytunnel and Windblows….

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Anyone that knows me….knows that I am not a fan of running windblows as my operating system. BUT….someone presented me with a challenge….and dang…I just can’t stop until I solve certain kinds of challenges, especially when they are related to Security.

Anyway, the problem…..

You saw one of my previous posts dealing with ProxyTunnel and tunneling ssh connections over an apache server via ssl….well.. A friend tried running proxytunnel on windblows as I described it and it didn’t work for them.

My experience with the problem:

I downloaded the 1.9.0 windows exe version of proxytunnel, attempted my connection to the https apache proxy just like I had done in the past and I was getting “error: Socket write error.”

That certain level of frustration you only get dealing with Windblows…..oh, you know what I am talking about, I felt it. Worked on this for 2 days…or more…I never tell how long it actually takes me.


Finally I attempted the proxy on http instead of https and it worked! So at that point I knew it was https that was causing issues… that gave me the google search I needed to find this:

So I switched to version 1.8.0 using https and it worked!!!!

In putty, setup your session info like usual, host IP/port and do your connection proxy:

proxytunnel -v -E -p server:443 -d localhost:22

I am sure there are some fine tuning to do with the other settings but dang! It feels good to have that solved!


  1. use version 1.8.0 of proxytunnel with all the cygwin libs
  2. use putty and the right proxy settings!

P.S. I hear that ver 1.9.1 of proxytunnel works, but I didn’t want to work on compiling it…..maybe in the future.