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Lance Grover

A good firm Handshake

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So…I have been radio silent….mostly because of work. But I have been in search of a lot of WPA handshakes. You can get the picture of the process from previous posts. I will provide more details, and probably a good write up at some point. Hopefully it won’t be stolen and used as someone else’s work like one of my previous research projects……Cut throat industry I guess…LOL

Anyway, as of right now I have 407 handshakes processed with my first pass on them, and about 135 of those are cracked.

I have been using basically only specific wordlists that you can just get online, again, you will see a lot of those in previous posts….recap in the writeup I am sure.

Observations…..well, people are bad with WPA passwords, part of the reason why is they actually share them with other people; at least more often than they would their email password. for the most part I have stayed right at the 30% cracked just using these wordlists. More often than not if someone doesn’t change the default wireless ssid, then they probably didn’t change the default wpa password….

My current goal is to get 1000 handshakes and then tune some things to find what works best, get some statistics about the data and finding….maybe find some additional interesting things to grow this research into in addition to it all.