Lance Grover

Lance Grover

SSH proxy through my VM cloud server (using firejail and chrome)

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Oh.. you have country blocking turned on at the firewall… or some other web filter or firewall that is preventing you from viewing a website.

Keep in mind you do need a server you have access to via ssh… I like cloud servers, they tend to not have web

First we need to setup the ssh socks5 proxy, we will ssh into our VM (virtual machine server) and proxy through there on local port 8080:
ssh -D 8080 myuser@myserver.mydomain

Now, keep in mind I am using Kali 2017.1 for this next part but you can use other distros and even configure other browsers to connecto to your localhost:8080 proxy, I am using firejail and google-chrome. Firejail allows me to have an independant isolated browser running so I can still have my regular browser up and running as needed. This is how we connect:
firejail –private google-chrome –proxy-server=”socks5://localhost:8080″

Boom, good times…