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Lance Grover

Building a thing….

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Sometimes you just need to push yourself to finish a project….it is a fun project there are just other things I want to work on too…. I remember seeing people around me not finishing projects growing up, and even friends of mine, with partial projects laying all over the place. Ok, it is me, I am notorious for this…

A while back I shared some details about a project I started that simulates a Disneyland Holocron. They use RFID inside their Kyber Crystals to change colors of the Light Sabers and the Holocrons.

Well, now I have the electronics all together to change light colors based on the different RFID fobs or Kyber Crystals so now to wrap things up I need to put all the electronics in something that looks like a StarWars Holocron…

I have a 3D printer, actually had two, so I converted one into a laser cuter/engraver….not super powerful but works great. In deciding what materials to use, either 3d print or laser cut wood, I decided to go with laser cut wood, mostly because I didn’t want the PLA lines of a 3d print.

Here is the side panels I drew up:

After that I needed to convert it into something Inkscape can convert into laser cuter g-code. So, here is an svg version.

I then used Inkscape laser cutter to g-code and started cutting

It is going to take a while to cut out all the panels…. but it is happening!