Lance Grover

Lance Grover

Theories on RCR-REX dual door sensors

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I have a few theories on how to circumvent the RCR-REX request to exit sensors.

  1. Cloud of moisture moving towards/away from sensor along with can of air to trip PIR; long straw/hose with can of air?
  2. radio jamming or some other method using the HackRF – it looks like the operating frequency for the RCR-REX-W is 5.8Ghz…..
  3. Tinfoil to reflect the 5.8Ghz microwave signals….or an unbrella that has reflection/obsorbsion of the radio waves….
  4. Push rod with pop-up?  Or drop down object like unbrella – might trigger both sensors at the same time
  5. cover the RCR sensor with tinfoil or something
  6. repeater of radio waves, the delay could simulate distance?  It uses the doppler method so as an object gets closer the waves will be reflected back at a quicker rate, my understanding is it does not do a signal on that wave just a specific frequency 
  7. could still try the small drone concept….

I did get one and have verified that it works. Basically it takes about 20 seconds for it to “stabilize” during that 20 seconds startup the red LED will flash under the default settings of the dip switches.

I ordered an electromagnet lock and am waiting for it to arrive this week so we can connect it up properly with a cardkey reader and controller board. Except It may take a little bit to get it all setup since I have a pinewood derby to build and finish the RFID holocron project since I am still laser cutting wood (my laser is really weak and the wood I selected is a little more dense than I should have selected….